PD Dr. habil. Tillmann Klamroth
Universität Potsdam
Institute of Chemistry
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D-14476 Potsdam-Golm

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T. Klamroth

Research Topics

Curriculum Vitae


Research Topics

The majority of my research is concerned with the dynamics of electrons, atoms and molecules at solid surfaces, in nano scale systems and gas phase. Particularly I am interested in the dynamics of (optical) excited electrons, since they often induce further physical or chemical processes, for example a change in the state of a molecular switch on a surface or desorption of an adsorbate. The understanding of such ultra-fast electronic processes, which evolve within a few femtoseconds or even attoseconds, is important not only because of the impressive advances in laser technology, which led to the experimental generation of attosecond laser pulses, but also with respect to future applications in the field of molecular electronics.

Our main tools are wave packet and open system density matrix propagations and also ab initio many-electron dynamics methods (time-dependent configuration interaction methods). Our recent research topics are described below.

Curriculum Vitae

Tillmann Klamroth
Born: 04.06.72 in Salzgitter (Germany)

Scientific career

Oct. 1991 Studies in Chemistry at the Freie Universität (FU) Berlin.
03.07.1997 Diploma in chemistry. Diploma thesis in the group of Prof. Dr. J. Manz, institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry of the FU-Berlin. Subject: Beiträge zu einer Theorie zur Berechnung elektronisch angeregter Adsorbatzustände.
27.10.2000 PhD thesis at the FU-Berlin. Subject: Quantum dynamics of atoms and electrons at non rigid solid surfaces.
08.01.2007 Habilitation at the Universität Potsdam. Subject: Quantum mechanical simulations for correlated many-electron dynamics and electron induced processes at surfaces.
18.06.2007 Privatdozent (PD) at the Institute of Chemistry (Theoretical Chemistry), Universität Potsdam.

Funded research projects

Scientific visits

June 1998 Four weeks visit to Prof. Dr. T. Uzer, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Gerogia, USA).
Oct. 1998 - Feb. 2000 Honorary Research Assistant at the University College London, Department of Chemistry (UK).
Feb. 1999 Three weeks visit to Prof. Dr. T. Uzer, Georgia Institute of Technology.
Oct.-Nov. 2005 Scientific visit to Prof. Dr. E. J. Baerends Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Employment record

Oct. 1997 - Sept. 2000 Scientist with Priv.-Doz. Dr. P. Saalfrank and Prof. Dr. J. Manz at the FU Berlin funded by the DFG
Oct. 2000- Jan. 2001 Research associate for Prof. Dr. P. Saalfrank at the Universität Regensburg
Feb. 2001 - March 2003 Scientific assistant for Prof. Dr. P. Saalfrank at the Universität Regensburg
Apr. 2003 - Jan. 2007 Scientific assistant for Prof. Dr. P. Saalfrank at the Universität Potsdam
Since Feb. 2007 Research associate at the Universität Potsdam


Peer reviewed publications

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