Summer Semester 2005

15.04.05A. KuznetsovFritz-Haber-Institute, Berlin“Aromaticity and Antiaromaticity in All-Metal Systems” and “Theoretical Study of the Fe3O4(111) Surface Structure And Physical Properties”
20.04.05I. AndrianovUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryVibrational relaxation of H adsorbed on a Si(001) surface.
27.04.05P. KrauseUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryLaser driven many electron dynamics of small molecules in intense laser fields.
04.05.05R. VetterUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryComplete 3D Potential Energy Surfaces for the 1 2A Ground State and the 2 2A Excited State of Bromdioxide.
25.05.05I. Respondek, G. FüchselUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistrySwitching Molecules: Optical Switching in Diarylene Derivatives. Quantum Chemical Calculations of Ionized Azobenzenes.
01.06.05S. KurthFree University of Berlin, Physics
08.06.05Ch. ZuhrtUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryInvestigation of vibrational states of Ar2H+.
17.06.05I. MehdaouiFritz-Haber-Institute, Berlin
22.06.05M. NestUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryCorrelated many electron dynamics with MCTDHF.
29.06.05K. ReuterFritz-Haber-Institute, BerlinDissociation of O2 at Al(111): The role of spin selection rules.
13.07.05K. ZenichowskiUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryQuantum Chemical Investigations of the Photocycle of Flavine-containing Photoreceptors.