Summer Semester 2007

18.04.07Maria Andrea Mroginski (TU Berlin, Chemistry)A combined resonance Raman and quantum chemical approach for elucidating the cromophore structural changes during the photocycle of Phytochrome.
25.04.07Tillmann Klamroth (Uni Potsdam, Chemistry)Information on our computer systems.
02.05.07Jadranka Dokic (Uni Potsdam, Chemistry)Conformational changes of single molecules at surfaces.
09.05.07Journal ClubT. Vazhappilly, K. Zenichowski
23.05.07Christian Zuhrt (Uni Potsdam, Chemistry)An adaptive filter approach to the calculation of quantum mechanical bound states.
30.05.07Journal ClubS. Beyvers, J. Dokic, J. Götze
06.06.07Reinhard Vetter (Uni Potsdam, Chemistry)Photodissociation of OBrO: A theoretical study
20.06.07Stefan Fölsch (PDI Berlin)Assembly and spectroscopy of atomic-scale surface structures by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy.
11.07.07Christian Seidel (MPI-KG, Golm)Simulation studies of polyelectrolytes.