Summer Semester 2008

09.04.08G. BenskyWeizmann Institute, Rehovot, IsraelUniversal dynamic decoherence and control of noisy qubit systems
16.04.08G. FloßUPDissipative laser-driven reduced one-electron density matrix dynamics for a simple model system
23.04.08Dr. R. MitricHumboldt-Universität BerlinStrategies for optimal control in complex systems
25.04.08Prof. K.-M. WeitzelPhilipps-Universität MarburgChemische Prozesse von Ionen-Anwendungen in Analytik und Plasmachemie (F1.01, 14:00)
30.04.08Dr. M. NestUPQuantendynamik in großen Systemen (Habilittationsvortrag, F1.01, 16:00)
05.05.08Dr. S. López-LópezUniversity of PotsdamUV Photodissociation of Hydrogen-Bonded vdW Clusters: Ab Initio and Wave Packet Calculations on (HI)2
07.05.08F. Lüder, S. Klinkusch, B. KlaumünzerUPDiploma seminar (room F1.01, 16:00)
14.05.08Dr. T. KlamrothUPA crash course in MPI (Message-Passing Interface) programming and how to use it on our computers
19.05.08Dr. J.I. BeltránFritz-Haber-Institut, BerlinAb-initio calculations of the adhesion of metal-ceramic interfaces and the work-in-progress of full dimensional potential energy surface of O2@Ag111
28.05.08G. Füchsel, S. KlinkuschUPJournal Club
04.06.08Dr. D. AndraeFreie Universität BerlinDendrizymes and Molecular Knots: Challenges for Theory and Experiment
09.06.08Prof. R. HernandezGeorgia Institute of TechnologyIn silico screening of mammoth virtual libraries using statistical mechanics and molecular dynamics tools
11.06.08B. Klaumünzer, F. LüderUPJournal Club
02.07.08Prof. B. PaulusFreie Universität BerlinWavefunction-based correlation methods for extended systems
09.07.08Dr. B. Schäfer-BungUPCorrelated Dynamics of Electrons with Reduced 2-Electron Density Matrices
16.07.08J. GötzeUPBlue Light Sensors Using Flavin (BLUF) Protein Domains and their Computational Treatment