Summer Semester 2010

Adlershof, Di 27.04.10, 16:15Dr. Dominik KrönerUniversität PotsdamSfb450-Kolloqium: Chiral detection by ultra-short laser pulses
Fritz-Haber-Institut, Chemische Physik, 19.05.10, 14:00Prof. Hrvoje PetekUniversity of Pittsburgh, USACP/PC Seminar, FHI: Surface Femtochemistry: What can we learn from time resolved photoemission about electron and nuclear dynamics in surface bond dissociation?
26.05.10Dr. Pierre-Luc Girard-LauriaultBundesanstalt für MaterialforschungPlasma polymer films for biomedical application
02.06.10Dr. Claudio GrecoMilanTheoretical studies on the structural and catalytic properties of [FeFe]-hydrogenases
09.06.10Bastian KlaumünzerUPSpectral characterization of Riboflavin by time-dependent calculation of vibronic and Resonance Raman spectra
16.06.10Tag der ChemieFU-Berlin
23.06.10Gereon FloßUPA density matrix model for SAMs of azobenzene and something else
30.06.10Stefan KlinkuschUPElectron dynamics: photoionization, dissipation, and nuclear modes
Di 06.07.10, 14:00, D 1.02Dr. Ben BrüggemannHumboldt Universität BerlinHigher order nonlinear spectra
14.07.10, 15:00Philipp HarbachGoethe-Universität FrankfurtDirect and indirect influences of a protein environment on electronically excited states
Di 20.07.10, 15:00Dr. Maia G. VergnioryDonostia International Physics Center, SpainInteraction between electrons and ions with solid surfaces: lifetime and band structure effects. Elastic quantum transport for nanoscale systems
21.07.10Thomas GrohmannFreie Universität BerlinNuclear spin selective alignment of asymmetric top molecules
13.09.10, 17:30Prof. Mathias NestTU MünchenNachsitzung/Meeting
Mo 20.09.10, 11:00, D.1.02Dr. Gaia TomaselloUniversita degli Studi di Bologna, ItalyModeling the photophysics and photochemistry of photochromic systems and Rhodopsin protein