Summer Semester 2011

date, time, roomspeakeraffiliationtitle
Di 12.04.11, 16:00, HSJonas Wirth & Manuel UtechtUniversität PotsdamDiplomandenvorträge des Fachbereichs Chemie
20.04.11Dr. Patrick RinkeFritz-Haber-Institut BerlinRPA ground state and GW quasiparticle energy calculations - a consistent pair with future
04.05.11Dr. Daniel BoeseHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinFrom ab inito methods to the development of new force fields: Intermolecular Interactions
11.05.11Bastian KlaumünzerUniversität PotsdamSemi-classical excited state dynamics of Riboflavin - the first femtoseconds after optical excitation
18.05.11Dr. Irene GrootFritz-Haber-Institut BerlinDynamics of hydrogen dissociation on CO-precovered Ru(0001): A comparison of theory and experiment
Do 26.05.11, 17:20, HS A (Physik, FUB)Dr. Dominik KrönerUniversität PotsdamSFB 658-Colloquium: Stochastic pulse optimization for surface mounted chiral molecular switches
Mo 06.06.11, 12:45, Hs 26 R 0.76Dr. Annika BandeUniversität HeidelbergDynamics of Interatomic Coulombic Decay in Quantum Dots
Fr 10.06.11, 10:15, Hs 28 0.108PD Dr. Tillmann KlamrothUniversität PotsdamColloquium: Quantum chemistry of fluorescence chemo sensors
Fr 10.06.11, 16:15, Hs 28 0.108PD Dr. Reinhold FinkUniversität WürzburgColloquium “Functional Soft Matter”: Elementary Processes in Organic Solar Cells
15.06.11Shiladitya BanerjeeUniversität PotsdamThe calculation of optical spectra of ß-carotene and the associated challenges!
22.06.11Dr. Olga SmirnovaMax-Born-Institut BerlinWatching ultrafast motion: High Harmonic spectroscopy of electron dynamics in molecules
29.06.11Gereon FloßUniversität PotsdamSemi-classical Dynamics of the trans-cis Switching of TBA on Gold (and Bi)
06.07.11Dr. H.-J. FladTechnische Universität BerlinBridging the gap between quantum Monte Carlo and explicitly correlated methods Abstract
13.07.11Rainer NeumannUniversität PotsdamWhat is g-C3N4?
20.07.11Dr. Foudhil BouaklineUniversität PotsdamIssues on system-bath vibrational energy transfer
Mo 12.09.11, 11 Uhr, D.1.02Dr. Daniel LambrechtUniversity of California, USAElectronic structure simulation of nanosolvation clusters
Di 13.09.11, 14:00Gernot FüchselUniversität PotsdamThermal properties of ultra-short reactions on surfaces
Mi 28.09.11, 11:00Ulf TischlerUniversität PotsdamAdsorption kleiner Moleküle auf einer Carbonnitrid-Fläche