Summer Semester 2012

date, time, roomspeakeraffiliationtitle
29.03.12Dr. Ralf TonnerUni MarburgSurfaces and Solids - Adsorption Studies and Spectroscopy at Metals, Semiconductors and Molecular Crystals with Dispersion-corrected Periodic DFT Methods
29.03.12, eveningDr. Ivan AndrianovErste Bank ÖsterreichGet-together: Investing in Austrian Beer: Risks and Chances
11.04.12Jonas WirthUPA talk about surfaces, water molecules and, of course, molecular switches
25.04.12Prof. Klaus HermannFHI BerlinTheoretical X-ray Spectroscopy with DFT Cluster Methods: Studies for Systems of Catalytic Relevance Abstract
02.05.12Robert ScholzUPA DFT study on vibrational spectra of isotope-substituted Riboflavin
09.05.12Manuel UtechtUPDAE
16.05.12Prof. Karsten ReuterTechnische Universität MünchenDinL Colloquium
06.06.12Shiladitya BanerjeeUPResonance Raman and Vibronic spectra of beta-carotene with Duschinsky effect
27.06.12Gereon FloßUPMolecular Switches
11.07.12Dr. Foudhil BouaklineUPSurprises in the angular distributions of direct collisional processes: Failure of billiard ball picture
Mo 27.08.12, 11 UhrRené MatisTU BraunschweigPhotochemische cis-trans-Isomerisierungen: Vom Ethen zum Photoschalter Phytochrom
Di 04.09.12Dr. Noa MaromUniversity of Texas, Austin, U.S.A.Electronic Structure of Dye-Sensitized TiO2 Clusters from Many-Body Perturbation Theory Abstract
Mo 10.09.12, 11 Uhr, F1.01PD Dr. Stephan BäurleUniversität RegensburgComputer-Simulation von photovoltaischen Polymer-Nanomaterialien und Protein-Photosensoren
12.09.12Dr. Daniel BoeseHumboldt UniversitätIntermolecular Interactions: Surfaces and Molecular Crystals