Summer Semester 2014

Unless specifically noted, the seminar always takes place 14:15 at D1.02.
datetime, roomspeaker, affiliationtitle
09.04.14Reinhard Maurer, TUMSparse grids for quantum operators
Wed 09.04.1417:00, F1.01Dr. Dominik Kröner, UPProbevorlesung: Solvatationsmodelle in der Theoretischen Chemie
Thu 24.04.1414:45, TU Berlin, EW 049Various speaker, e.g.FOR 1282 Seminar Program
Prof. Dr. Thomas Niehaus, Universtität Regensburg16:50: Light induced structural changes in Silicon – From quantum dots to nanowires
Shiladitya Banerjee, UP17:40: Optical spectra of diamondoids from time-dependent correlation functions
07.05.14Dr. Jan-Boyke Schönborn, UPPhotochemical byproduct formation in dithienylethene
Thu 15.05.1415:15Lukas Gallandi & Philipp Metzner, UPPhotoelectronic Spectra of Organic Semiconductors
21.05.14Dr. Ulf Lorenz, UPQuantifying the markovianity of open quantum systems
04.06.14Christopher Ehlert, BAMNEXAFS and XPS Simulations
11.06.14Dr. Daniel Boese, UPMolecules, Solids and Surfaces: Hydrogen Bonds, Molecular Crystals and Cooperative Effects
18.06.14Dr. Hilke Bahmann, Technical University BerlinEfficient semi-numerical implementation of local hybrid density functionals
25.06.14PD Dr. Karin Fink, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyAb initio calculations on single molecule magnets
02.07.14Prof. Dr. Niels Engholm Henricksen, Technical University of Denmark, LyngbyFemtochemistry - some theoretical studies
09.07.14PD Dr. Volkhard May, HU BerlinPlasmon Enhancement of Charge and Energy Transfer in Nano-Hybrid Systems