Winter Semester 2005

19.10.05Cosmin LupulescuBESSY, BerlinUltrafast Spin Dynamics Probed by Soft X-Rays.
26.10.05Alejandro SaenzHU Berlin, PhysicsDiatomic Molecules in Intense Laser Fields: From Bond Softening to Vibrational Wavepackets.
02.11.05Markus ReiherUniversity Jena, ChemistryExact decoupling of the Dirac operator.
09.11.05Jan GötzeUniversity of Potsdam, BiochemistryModelling of the isotope effect of Rubisco carboxylation.
30.11.05Stephanie BeyversUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistrySelective vibrational excitation of CO in a 3-dimensional, dissipative model system of CO/Cu(100) by optimal picosecond IR-pulses.
14.12.05Rocco MartinazzoUniversity of Milan, Chemistry
11.01.06Nadja DoslicUniversity of Zagreb, Chemistry
18.01.06Pascal KrauseUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryA many-electron approach to the induced dipole moment in small molecules: An overview by means of time-dependent configuration interaction methods.
25.01.06Tijo VazhappillyUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistrySimulation of laser induced desorption of H2 from Ru.
01.02.06Thomas RitschelUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryStructure and dynamics of cationic van-der-Waals clusters.
08.02.06Dominik KrönerUniversity of Potsdam, ChemistryEnantio-selective laser control for chiral molecular switches.