Winter Semester 2006

18.10.06Eli PollakWeitzmann Institute, Rehovot, IsraelReal time quantum dynamics - a challenge for the 21st century.
25.10.06Jeremy MoixGeorgia Tech, Atlanta, USADynamics of surface diffusion. Molecular dynamics and phenomenological models.
01.11.06Ivan AndrianovUniversity Potsdam, ChemistryRelaxation, selective preparation and control of vibrational states of H adsorbed on a Si(100) surface.
08.11.06Christiane KochFU Berlin, PhysicsPhotoassociation of ultracold atoms with short, shaped laser pulses.
15.11.06Rigoberto HernandezGeorgia Tech, Atlanta, USAReal time quantum dynamics - a challenge for the 21st century.
22.11.06Scott GreenwaldUniversity Potsdam, ChemistryA semi-analytic scheme for solving the Liouville-von-Neumann equation with Lindblad dissipation.
06.12.06Angelos MichaelidesFritz-Haber-Institut, BerlinDensity functional and quantum chemical simulations of everyday materials: salt, water and ice.
13.12.06Padmanaban RamanathanUniverity Potsdam, ChemistryQuantum wave packet dynamics of the H+HLi reaction.
17.01.07Stephanie BeyversUniverity Potsdam, ChemistryOptimal control algorithm for realizing time-dependent targets in a dissipative system.
24.01.07Tijo VazhappillyUniverity Potsdam, Chemistry
31.01.07Dr. Dominik KrönerUniversity Potsdam, ChemistryQuantum simulations for a laser pulse controlled chiral molecular switch