Winter Semester 2007

17.10.07Dr. P. TegederFU BerlinIsomerization of azobenzene on a Au(111) surface
24.10.07Prof. N. LorenteBarcelona, SpainThe excitation of local vibrations by an electron current: From atomic manipulation to local heating
07.11.07Prof. F. RemacleLiege, BelgiumNanoscale electrically addressed logic machines
28.11.07Dr. J.C. TremblayUPA Timeless Journey through the Hostile Quantum World. The Tale of a Brave Knight and his Struggle in the Fight against the Curse of Dimensionality
05.12.07Dr. P. RamanathanUPCorrelated many-electron dynamics: A Multi-Configuration Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock (MCTDHF) approach
12.12.07Dr. Y. NagataBASF, LudwigshafenTwo-dimensional surface IR spectroscopy: Detection of the intermolcular interaction of adsorbates
10.01.08K. ZenichowskiUPDensity Matrix Study of Hydrogen on Silicon: An STM-driven Atomic Switch (Sondertermin 16:00 D1.02)
16.01.08Dr. D. KrönerUPSurface mounted chiral molecular switch: Stereo- and symmetry-selective laser pulse control
28.01.08S. KlinkuschUPLaser-induced intermolecular electron transfer by using TD-CIS (16:00 D1.02 H25)
30.01.08B. KlaumünzerUPN-Inversion in azacylces: Models for molecular switches
06.02.08F. LüderUPTemperature dependence of the H-Si-Vibration using MCTDH or Cleanliness without cleaning
15.02.08Dr. R. MartinazzoUniv. of MilanSystem-bath dynamics with the Local Coherent State Approximation