Winter Semester 2008

22.10.08Dr. Serge MonturetUPInelastic effects in electronic currents at the nanometer scale
30.10.08, 10:00Prof. Roberto MarquardtUniversité Louis Pasteur, StrasbourgA new global potential energy surface for CO on Cu(100)
05.11.08Journal ClubUPtba
12.11.08Gernot FüchselUPH2@Ru(0001) surface as an example for photoinduced desorption processes
19.11.08Dr. Luis LustresHU BerlinFemtosecond vibrational and electronic spectroscopy of biological photoreceptors
26.11.08Dr. Ermin MalicTU BerlinTheory of excitons in single-walled carbon nanotubes
03.12.08Dr. J.C. TremblayUPOn the control of vibrational dynamics of atomic hydrogen on a palladium surface
11.12.08 11:00Prof. Rocco MartinazzoUniversity of MilanUnderstanding adsorption of hydrogen atoms on graphenic substrates
18.12.08 11:00Karl ZenichowskiUPCOD@Si(100) as STM driven Molecular Switch: Open System Density Matrix Studies
13.01.08Dmitry ShalashilinUniversity of LeedsNew developments and applications of Coupled Coherent States method in quantum dynamics.
28.01.09Journal ClubUPtba
04.02.09Prof. Gianaurelio CunibertiTU Dresdentba
11.02.09Dr. Dominik KrönerUPLaser controlled stereoselective isomerization of surface mounted molecular switches