Winter Semester 2009

Fr 16.10.09 , 10:15, D.1.02Jadranka DokicUPConformational changes of switching molecules
21.10.09Manuel UtechtUPprelim.: DFT calculations for 3D potentials of TBA
Jonas WirthUPQuantum chemical investigations on charge transfer states in the donor acceptor system M3EH-PPV/HV-BT
04.11.09Dr. Foudhil BouaklineUPGeometric Phase Effects in Reaction Dynamics
Tu 10.11.09, 15:15, D.1.02Dr. Ivana MatanovicZagrebMultidimensional quantum dynamics: From H-bonded systems to molecules in porous materials
18.11.09Dr. Serge MonturetUPDamping of NO vibrations on Au(111)
25.11.09Prof. Ricardo MataUniversität GöttingenApplication of incremental and local correlation schemes for the study of large molecular systems
09.12.09 16:15, H25/F.1.01Prof. Franz GeigerNorthwestern, ChicagoGDCh Kolloquium: DNA on Stage: Showcasing Oligonucleotides at Surfaces and Interfaces
16.12.09Dr. Ingo BarthFreie Universität BerlinQuantum control of ring currents and induced magnetic fields in atoms and molecules by circularly polarized laser pulses
06.01.10Alexander WeigelHU BerlinExcited stilbene: Intramolecular vibrational redistribution and solvation studied by femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy
13.01.10Dr. Jean Christophe TremblayUPPolarizability: this and that and the other!
20.01.10Dr. Yunlong XiaoFIAS Goethe-Universität, Clemens-Schöpf Institut TU DarmstadtGroup theoretical considerations for dynamic chirality in achiral molecules
27.01.10Gernot FüchselUPClassical approach for the femtosecond-laser induced associative desorption of H2/D2 from Ru(0001)
10.02.10, 16:15, F1.01Prof. Katharina Al-ShameryUniversität OldenburgGdCh-Kolloquium : Veranstaltungskalender Uni Potsdam
17.02.10, 17:15, TU-BerlinProf. Dr. Axel GroßUniversity of UlmUniCat Colloquium TU-Berlin: UniCat