Winter Semester 2011

date, time, roomspeakeraffiliationtitle
07.10.11, 11.00, B.1.01Stefan KlinkuschUPLaser electron dynamics in molecules
19.10.11groupUPOrganisation (Weihnachtsfeier, etc.)
26.10.11Fritz-Haber-Institut BerlinFHI Centenary Celebrations 26th to 28th October, 2011
02.11.11Dr. Michael WörnerMax-Born-Institut BerlinFemtosecond x-ray diffraction
Do/Fr 3./4.11.11, F 1.01Vorträge13:00, 14:00, 15:00 Uhr
09.11.11, Hs.5, R.1.05Dr. Martin BeyeHelmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und EnergieUltrafast Dynamics in the Bonding Orbitals while CO desorbs from a Ru surface
23.11.11Mohsen SajadiHumboldt Universität zu Berlin, PhysikLocal THz spectroscopy in the condensed phase: Fs Stokes shift of molecular probes
30.11.11Jean Christophe Tremblay, Ph.D.UPNon-adiabatic dynamics at metallic surfaces: Is there still hope for electronic friction theory?
14.12.11Dr. Volker BlumFritz-Haber Institut BerlinPushing some computational limits with all-electron electronic structure theory
Do 05.01.12, 12 Uhr, F0.15Selina SchimkaUPTheoretische und experimentelle Charakterisierung von Quantenpunkten
18.01.12Dr. Philipp MarquetandFriedrich-Schiller Universität JenaMixed quantum-classical dynamics including spin-orbit couplings and laser interactions
01.02.12Prof. Johannes NeugebauerTechnical University BraunschweigSubsystem Density-Functional Theory: From Fundamental Principles to Applications in Photosynthesis
08.02.12Prof. Carmen HerrmannUniversität HamburgDesigning molecular spintronics devices in the coherent tunneling regime
15.02.12Dr. Dominik KrönerUPMagnetic interactions in many electron dynamics
29.02.12Timm BredtmannFreie Universität BerlinQuantum dynamics of electronic fluxes in pericyclic reactions and design of measurements using High Harmonic Generation exemplified for dissociating diatomics