Winter Semester 2013

date, time, roomspeakeraffiliationtitle
Tue 01.10.13, 16:15Prof. Dr. Georg JansenUniversität Duisburg-EssenIntermolecular interactions: From perturbation theory and random phase approximations
09.10.13, 16:00Dr. Gopal DixitMax-Born-Institut BerlinImaging Ultrafast Electronic Motion by Time-Resolved X-ray Scattering Abstract
23.10.13, 15:00Dr. Aliezer Martinez MesaUPAdsorption of molecular hydrogen on nanostructered surfaces
Tue 29.10.13, 15:30Dr. H. Fabio BusnengoNational University of Rosario, ArgentinaReactive adsorption of simple molecules on metal surfaces from first principles Abstract
Tue 12.11.13, 15:30Dr. Emanuel PeterUC Santa Barbara, USAAlgorithmic development for the description of the long time behaviour of small stable folders and signalling proteins on multiple timescales
13.11.13Prof. Noa MaromTulane UniversityFirst Principles Modeling of Molecular Crystals Abstract
20.11.13Gereon FloßUPBisazobenzenes - The Tightest Coupling
27.11.13Dr. Christoph JacobKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologySubsystem and Embedding Methods for Quantum Chemistry
Thu 12.12.13, 15:15, B0.01Jun-Prof. Dr. Joachim FriedrichTechnische Universität ChemnitzThe incremental scheme for CCSD(T)(F12*) calculations
Fr 20.12.13, 11:30, D1.02Martin MittagRadboud Universiteit NijmegenNeural Network Learning as Control Problem - a Comparison between FORCE method and Path Integral Control
Tue 07.01.14, 16:00, D1.02Kaoru YamazakiTohoku University, Sendai, JapanUltrafast structural dynamics of nanocarbon: Coulomb explosion and subsequent thermal fragmentation of C60 q+ (q = 20-60) cation
08.01.14Sophia Heiden &UPQuantenchemische Untersuchungen der elektronischen Struktur von Wasserstoff auf Graphen
René MatisUPÄh … steck mal den Stick in den USB-Port
22.01.14Dr. Ralph ErnstorferFHIAttosecond view of the photoelectric effect Abstract
29.01.14Reinhard MaurerTU MünchenFirst principles mechanistic insight into molecular switching at metal surfaces
05.02.14Shiladitya BanerjeeUPTime-dependent correlation function based optical spectroscopy of diamondoids
12.02.14Jonas WirthUPLet's Talk About Surfaces (No Switches This Time)
19.02.14Manuel UtechtUPHyperpolarizability in SAMs of Fulgimide
Tue 25.02.14, 14:00, F1.01Dr. Dominik KrönerUPKolloquium: Analyse und Kontrolle lichtinduzierter Prozesse in Molekülen: Elektronen- und Kernquantendynamik für Aspekte der Stereoisomerie und Spektroskopie
05.03.14Dr. Tobias KramerPhysik, HU-BerlinOptimal transport in interacting nanosystems
12.03.14, 15:00Dr. Alexej I. StreltsovUniversität HeidelbergA time-dependent tour with novel phenomena in repulsive Bose-systems