Winter Semester 2014

Winter Semester 2014/2015

Unless specifically noted, the seminar always takes place 14:15 at D1.02.
datetime, roomspeaker, affiliationtitle
25.8.1415:15, D1.02Satrajit Adhikari, IACS KolkataThe effect of phonon modes and electron-hole pair couplings on molecule-surface scattering
21.10.1416:00, B2.01Nikolaj Moll, IBM ZuerichMolecular Geometry Determination by Atomic Force Microscopy Abstract
27.10.1414:15, D1.02Jan Goetze, St. AndrewsComputational chemistry and the search for photobiological mechanisms
05.11.14Juliana Bois, UPDensity functional theory for pi-conjugated polymers - optical excitations and structure-property relationship
10.11.1414:15, D1.02Pascal Krause, Wayne StateStrong Field Ionization by Time-dependent Configuration Interaction and an Absorbing Potential Abstract
12.11.14Lasse Soerensen, Uni KielThe Time-Dependent Generalized-Active-Space Configuration-Interaction (TD-GASCI) approach for the many-electron problem. Abstract
21.11.1412:15 B1.01David Coughtrie, University of BristolQuantum Thermal Properties of Condensed-phase Systems using Thermostatted Gaussian Wave Packets Abstract
26.11.14Anja Muzdalo, IMPRS / UPThermal cis-trans isomerization of azobenzene studied by ab-initio MD transition path sampling
03.12.14Richard E. Palmer, University of BirminghamAtomic manipulation of polyatomic molecules and size-selected gold nanoclusters abstract
10.12.14Evgenii Titov, UPEnhancement of the thermal isomerization of azobenzene-containing molecules in the gas phase and their optical properties upon attachment to silicon nanoclusters.
14.1.15Joerg Megow, UPWhy Fix & Foxy Hamiltonians will save the world
22.1.1516:15 F0.15Martin Richter, MBISurface Hopping from 1 to 45 Nuclear Degrees of Freedom Abstract
4.2.15Annika Bande, HZBElectron Dynamics of Interatomic Coulombic Decay and Interatomic Coulombic Electron Capture in Quantum Dots Abstract
10.2.1514:15 D1.02Ralph Jaquet, Uni SiegenSpectroscopy of H_3+
18.2.15Dassia Egorova, Uni KielComputational time-resolved spectroscopy as applied to ultrafast singlet fission in pentacene films Abstract
25.2.15Clemens Rietze, UPStrukturverfeinerung durch Rosetta