Seminar Winter Semester 2016/17

datetime, roomspeaker, affiliationtitle
12.10.16Markus Gühr, UPProbing Ultrafst Molecular Dynamics - challenges ahead of us
12.10.1616:00, MPIKG seminar roomEvgenii Titov, UPOn the azobenzene photoswitch: Insights from computational chemistry
27.10.1613:00, B2.01Karl-Heinz Ernst, UZHFunctional nonplanar aromatic molecules at surfaces: molecular recognition, spin filtering and unidirectional motors
02.11.16Safa Shoai, UPElectro-optics of Organic Solar Cells
09.11.16Pascal Krause, UPThe TDCIS-CAP Method — Simulating Angle-Dependent Ionization and HHG Spectra
09.11.16André Bandrauk, Université de SherbrookeMolecules in intense Laser fields - femto to atto to zepto second dynamics
17.11.1610:00, 26.0.76Taku Hasobe, Keio UniversityControlled Excited-State Dynamics and Optical Applications of Functional
Supramolecular Architectures
23.11.16Christian Carbogno, FHIThermal Conductivities in Solids from First Principles: Accurate Computations and Rapid Estimates
30.11.16Robert Scholz, UPLaser-driven dynamics of CO on Ru(0001): a computational study using electronic friction (MDEF) and
the generalized Langevin oscillator (GLO)
11.01.17Tao Xiong, UPOptical and Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Adamantane Derivatives
18.01.17Oliver Hofmann, TU GrazDFT for Inorganic/Organic Interfaces: Predictive Power and Desastrous Deficiencies
08.02.17Roman Ovcharenko, HU BerlinWater adsorption on Hematite(0001) at medium and high coverage regimes
10.02.1714:00 in B2.01Aliezer MartinezSemiclassical modelling of the non-adiabatic photodynamics of molecular systems in gas and condensed phases