Summer Semester 2016

datetime, roomspeaker, affiliationtitle
27.04.16Dino Novko, San SebstianNon-adiabatic effects in adsorbate-surface dynamics
04.05.16Evgenii Titov, UPDynamics of azobenzene dimer photoisomerization: Free and vdW-constrained models
11.05.16Sophia Heiden, UPWater on Al2O3(11-20) and (0001) surfaces
18.05.16Matthias Rupp, FHIMachine Learning for Quantum Chemistry
15.06.16Caterina Cocchi, HUBPacking molecular switches: How many-body effects rule excitations
27.06.1611:15 D1.02Markus Jech, TU WienModeling of Degradation Phenomena in Electronic Devices
29.06.16Giovanni Granucci, Uni PisaModeling the dynamics of spin-orbit induced transitions with Surface Hopping
06.07.16Joachim Paier, HUBGold adsorbed on ceria surfaces: When the alignment of bands matters
07.07.1614-18, 27.0.01Prof. Dr. Roland Mitrić Uni Würzburg, Prof. Dr. Robert Berger Uni Marburg, Prof. Dr. Jörg Tatchen Universidad de los Andes, and Dr. Jörg Megow UPSymposium on "Vibronic Spectroscopy"
13.07.16Giacomo Melani, UPVibrational dynamics and structural properties of H2O on hydroxylated α-Al2O3(0001) surfaces
20.07.16Manaswita Kar, UP Electronic structure calculation of hybrid perovskites: Towards the development of perovskite based tandem solar cells
29.08.1614:15, B1.01Hua Guo, University of New MexicoMode Specificity and Bond Selectivity in Polyatomic Dissociative Chemisorption